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About us

Cruz and Crystal Barragan are both owners of BlueBridge Improvements, a family-owned and operated company established in Franklin, TN, in 2021. 

BlueBridge operates with a team of four highly energetic, skilled, and courteous professionals. Each with unique talents and a combination of over ten years of experience. 

Cruz Barragan, Co-Owner

Crystal Barragan, Co-Owner

Cruz came to the US at a young age pursuing better education and opportunities. While in high school, he spent working weekends for his family's construction business. During college, Cruz held different jobs and eventually landed a career in the automotive industry after earning a degree in Automotive Technology. Soon after, Cruz was part of a thriving organization from the early stages to its global footprint. At the peak of his career, Cruz had the opportunity to travel the world and expand operations into new geographical markets and a variety of industry sectors. Today, Cruz focuses on managing his small business and spending more time locally to build everlasting relationships and be part of his local community. 




From a young age, Crystal was always the hands-on type and loves adventure. She grew up riding dirt bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, and climbing trees. She was born in Michigan but with a southern zest. She spent her summers in Arkansas and Missouri, visiting family and close friends growing up. Her dad is a Vietnam Veteran and purple heart recipient who retired from Ford Motor Company in the late 1990s. With her family, they've built homes, barns, and worked on various DIY projects. Crystal has studied Psychology, understanding human thought and behavior, and was part of the film industry while pursuing a short career in acting and cinematography. Today, Crystal focuses on making BlueBridge a successful business, true to its roots and mission: trust, value, and exceptional customer satisfaction. 

Nala, Chief De-Construction Supervisor

If something needs to be torn down or ripped apart, Nala's on the job. She has a keen nose for sniffing out pieces for demolition and is quite happy getting her paws dirty to complete that task. When demolition is not needed, she often is backup security to Salem if it is a two-pet situation. Nala likes to spend her free time lounging around on her couch and having playdates with her neighbor friends when she is not hard at work.  

As director of security, Salem takes his position very seriously. Not a single person gets by him without him noticing (unless it's nap time). If he suspects someone is sneaking up on the job, he is quick to attack legs and bring them down. Don't let the size fool you because he's as big as the rest in his mind. He sometimes plays double duty as a stability officer by jumping on anything and everything he can to ensure everything is secure. When he is not working, Salem spends his time playing with Nala and attacking anything that wiggles. He also enjoys frequent naps in Nala's bed and on his cat playground. 

Salem, Director of Security

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